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Skinny Girl in Transit

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  • 2015
  • The Intervention

    • Season 1
    • July 16, 2015
    • 10 min. 40 sec.
    Tiwa's mother has an epiphany, she decides to launch an "Intervention" in a bid to get her daughter to settle down.
  • Workout

    • Season 1
    • July 23, 2015
    • 7 min. 6 sec.
    Tiwa takes her mother's advice and begins to work out. She meets someone new in the most unusual circumstances.
  • Blind Date

    • Season 1
    • July 30, 2015
    • 10 min. 34 sec.
    Tiwa takes her friend's advice and decides to go on a blind date.
  • Unwanted Guest

    • Season 1
    • August 6, 2015
    • 9 min. 32 sec.
    Tiwa gets a surprise visit from an unwanted guest, and her mom is already planning a wedding in her head. Does your mom act like this?
  • Let It Go

    • Season 1
    • August 13, 2015
    • Let It Go
    Shalewa makes fun of Tiwa, while her mum urges her to do all she can to make Femi her man.
  • It's A Date

    • Season 1
    • August 20, 2015
    • 7 min. 23 sec.
    Tiwa has decided to take the bull by the horns and ask Femi out on a date.
  • Started From A Workout

    • Season 1
    • September 10, 2015
    • 6 min. 19 sec.
    Started from a workout and now they are here. Skinny Girl In Transit is back, and Tiwa is on the way to getting bae.
  • Got Talent

    • Season 1
    • September 17, 2015
    • 8 min. 1 sec.
    Despite her struggle with her weight, Tiwa has finally gotten bae. But can she also land her dream job?
  • Unofficially Official

    • Season 1
    • September 24, 2015
    • 13 min. 17 sec.
    Femi makes a bold move by telling his friends he has found "the one". One of his friends turns out to be someone familiar. Do we hear wedding bells somewhere in Tiwa's future?
  • Case of the Ex

    • Season 1
    • October 1, 2015
    • 10 min. 10 sec.
    Tiwa is made to confront her feelings for her ex, Kola. Will she have problems with her new boyfriend? Watch 'Case of The Ex' to find out!
  • Breakthrough

    • Season 1
    • October 8, 2015
    • 9 min. 29 sec.
    Tiwa's mum blames her for her tiff with Femi, emotions run wild as Folakemi questions Tiwa's feelings. Will there be a breakthrough in this episode?
  • Make Ups

    • Season 1
    • October 15, 2015
    • 10 min. 10 sec.
    Tiwa is not sure if Femi has come to make up or break up. Shalewa is checked by her Mom as usual and things are about to take an interesting turn.
  • Almost New

    • Season 2
    • May 20, 2016
    • 14 min. 31 sec.
    It's been three weeks since Kola made moves to get Tiwa Back, with her career on track and love on her side, things are looking up for this Skinny Girl In Transit.
  • Birthday

    • Season 2
    • May 26, 2016
    • 18 min. 53 sec.
    Tiwa gets into a confrontation with her new boss, Mide and Shalewa introduces her "Boo" to the family on Mama Tiwa's birthday.
  • Old Flame

    • Season 2
    • June 3, 2016
    • 16 min. 8 sec.
    Tiwa's mom expresses concern about Shalewa's boyfriend, Maxwell, and asks Tiwa to find out as much as she can about him. Kola tries to make a comeback into Tiwa's life, and Femi gets suspicious.
  • Reality Check

    • Season 2
    • June 10, 2016
    • 10 min. 48 sec.
    Hadiza gloats about having dinner with Mide, and Tiwa is in for a rude awakening.
  • Tiwa 3.0

    • Season 2
    • June 17, 2016
    • 22 min. 38 sec.
    Femi finally confronts Tiwa about her secret meeting with Kola. Is a break up imminent?
  • Book of Revelations

    • Season 2
    • June 24, 2016
    • 23 min. 5 sec.
    Shalewa gets a surprising gift and Mide asks Tiwa to accompany him to an annual ball organized by the company. What's the worst that could happen?
  • Vindicated

    • Season 2
    • July 1, 2016
    • 26 min. 39 sec.
    Tiwa confronts Shalewa about Maxwell and finds out that she already knew he was a married man. An old friend pays Mide a visit at the office.
  • Run

    • Season 2
    • July 8, 2016
    • 27 min. 42 sec.
    Shalewa gets scolded by her parents for her poor choices, Tiwa gets candid with Hadiza after she gets dragged on social media for comments she made on air.
  • Promotion

    • Season 2
    • July 15, 2016
    • 24 min. 48 sec.
    It's promotion season at work and Tiwa is in for a pleasant surprise. Shalewa gets a new job and Mide takes a bold step; could this be a curve in the making?
  • Wrecking Ball

    • Season 2
    • July 22, 2016
    • 25 min. 13 sec.
    As the season comes to an end, Shalewa gets an unexpected visitor, and Tiwa decides to take a chance on Mide. Will this be a happy ending for everyone?
  • Back at One

    • Season 3
    • December 2, 2016
    • 21 min. 51 sec.
    At the end of last season, Tiwa walked in on Mide getting cosy with his ex, Nadine, and she decided to avoid him for good. Things get pretty weird at the office for everyone, and Mama Tiwa is about to have some problems of her own.
  • Blame Game

    • Season 3
    Tiwa meets an old crush, and things are about to get interesting at the Radio Station with Mide handing over to the new boss, Kate.
  • Mothers Wear Capes Too

    • Season 3
    • December 16, 2016
    • 20 min. 59 sec.
    Mama Tiwa goes an extra mile for her girls, as Mide comes by the house to visit Tiwa. Hadiza keeps creating problems for Tiwa at the office in a bid to get Ms. Kate on her side.
  • Going On 30

    • Season 3
    • December 23, 2016
    • 20 min. 25 sec.
    Tiwa is turning 30 and the family is excited. Aunty Dupe visits the Awosika family in time to help the girls get Mama Tiwa out of the house for Tiwa's birthday. Nathan and Mide get invited to the party, what could possibly go wrong?
  • New Versus Old

    • Season 3
    • December 30, 2016
    • 18 min. 38 sec.
    Things get tense at the office as Tiwa and Hadiza get into an argument. Mama Tiwa is getting uncomfortable with having Aunty Dupe around the house.
  • Getaway

    • Season 3
    • January 6, 2017
    • 20 min. 54 sec.
    Mama Tiwa and Aunty Dupe get into an intense argument at the house, and Ms. Kate sends Tiwa on an official assignment to Abuja where she meets Fabrice.
  • Holy Holy Holy

    • Season 3
    • January 13, 2017
    • 20 min. 50 sec.
    Tiwa is back from her trip to Abuja, and it seems a scandal is already brewing at the station. Nathan visits Tiwa after he hears about the scandal, who could be behind this?
  • Turning Point

    • Season 3
    • January 20, 2017
    • 21 min. 46 sec.
    Things get back to normal at work as new information emerges about the source behind the payola scandal. Shalewa tells Tiwa to focus on one of the men around her, and Mide tries to win back Tiwa’s affection, but ends up asking her to go on a double date. What's the worst that could happen?
  • The Season Finale

    • Season 3
    • February 3, 2017
    • 28 min. 44 sec.
    In the season finale of SGIT3, Tiwa is now back to being the head of programs at the radio station, while Nathan and Mide go on a musical face off to win Tiwa's affection. Who's going to win though? Watch the Season Finale of Skinny Girl In Transit Season 3 now to find out!
  • Happy Beginnings

    • Season 4
    • October 6, 2017
    • 18 min. 43 sec.
    Tiwa is back! Things are going smoothly at the radio station until Tiwa's new boss informs her of another scandal making the rounds about an OAP allegedly having an affair with a married musician. Who could it be?
  • Revelation

    • Season 4
    • October 6, 2017
    • 19 min. 44 sec.
    Mr. Awosika is back from his trip and Tiwa has to be the one to fire Hadiza from the station. Shalewa tries to fine-tune Mohammed into her 'spec'.
  • Jealousy

    • Season 4
    • October 13, 2017
    • 19 min. 21 sec.
    2017 seems right on course with the duo working out together and creating serious tension for Shalewa. Tiwa gets a surprise gift at the radio station and Didi grills her on identity of the sender.
  • Retribution

    • Season 4
    • October 20, 2017
    • 17 min. 25 sec.
    Didi finally introduces Tiwa to her Obinna, and the gang enjoy an exciting night of charades. Shalewa takes Mohammed window shopping and things take an interesting turn.
  • Past Present Future

    • Season 4
    • October 27, 2017
    • 23 min. 41 sec.
    Shalewa turns to Tiwa for advise after her embarrassing encounter with Mrs. Peters and Tiwa decides to tell Mide about her stint with Fabrice, but will she?
  • Causalty

    • Season 4
    • November 3, 2017
    • 19 min. 24 sec.
    Tiwa and Shalewa separately reflect on the events of the past few days. Aunty Dupe is in town and it seems she is about to become a mother as she moves to adopt a child. Mama Tiwa embarks on a fast on behalf of her kids.
  • Aftermath

    • Season 4
    • November 10, 2017
    • 19 min. 2 sec.
    Mama Tiwa makes a suspiciously fast recovery as Shalewa blames herself for all that has gone wrong in the Awosika family. Tiwa decides to tackle her latest problem head on.
  • Bittersweet

    • Season 4
    • November 17, 2017
    • 20 min. 14 sec.
    Tiwa tells Didi all that went down during her meeting with Fabrice, and Aunt Dupe gets some good news. Mide invites Tiwa out and asks her a question that could change everything.
  • Inside Out

    • Season 4
    • November 24, 2017
    • 25 min. 47 sec.
    Mama Tiwa and Shalewa decide to help Tiwa get ready for her first meeting with Mide's mom. Didi warns Tiwa about the dangers of not telling Mide about Fabrice.
  • Liars Perish

    • Season 4
    • December 1, 2017
    • 30 min. 5 sec.
    Mama Tiwa invites another prophet to the Awosika home to fortify Tiwa for her upcoming dinner with Mide's Mom. Derinsola knows something about Tiwa that could ruin her first meeting with Mide's mom.
  • Ruins

    • Season 4
    • December 8, 2017
    • 33 min. 53 sec.
    Tiwa deals with the fall out of her confession to Mide, and Mama Tiwa hurries back to her daughter from the retreat. Tiwa's boss urges her not to make a rash decision.
  • Season Finale

    • Season 4
    • December 15, 2017
    • 29 min. 19 sec.
    On the season finale of Skinny Girl In Transit Season 4, Shalewa tries to make Mide see how much he is hurting himself and Tiwa and asks him to make a decisive decision. Mide decides to go on a trip and Tiwa is left heartbroken.
  • Ring

    • Season 5
    • November 9, 2018
    • 43 min. 17 sec.
    Tiwalade is basking in the euphoria of Mide's proposal and Mama Tiwa invites Woli to the house for prayers. Mama Tiwa asks Woli to anoint her daughter to ward off all evil, but something is missing.
  • Anointing

    • Season 5
    • November 16, 2018
    • 30 min. 25 sec.
    Tiwa and Mide decide to stay celibate until after the wedding, and Mama Tiwa moves to fortify her daughter with some anointed oil from Woli. Derin discovers the true identity of the man she encountered at the office.
  • Blast From the Past

    • Season 5
    • November 23, 2018
    • 33 min. 31 sec.
    Mama Tiwa accompanies Aunt Dupe to the children's home to follow up on her adoption process, and Tiwa throws a surprise party for Mide's birthday.
  • Fess Up

    • Season 5
    • November 30, 2018
    • 51 min. 28 sec.
    Mide and Tiwa's big day is getting closer and Mama Tiwa is making preparations with Aunt Dupe. Derin and Chris have a run in and it all takes an interesting turn.
  • Enemies Within

    • Season 5
    • December 7, 2018
    • 40 min. 45 sec.
    The reality of the fact that Mide could have a son dawns on Tiwa and she makes a movie to sort out things with Mide. Shalewa decides to pay Mohammed a surprise visit, and Chris takes out time to revisit his run in with Derin.
  • Prayers and Danger

    • Season 5
    • December 14, 2018
    • 37 min. 39 sec.
    Mama Tiwa invites Woli to the house for prayers in the build up till the wedding. Mide decides to confront his problems with Theresa head on and Mohammed tries to work things out with Shalewa.
  • What Really Matters

    • Season 5
    • December 21, 2018
    • 28 min. 24 sec.
    Mama Tiwa and Mama Mide can't seem to agree on arrangements for the wedding, and Madam original does not make things easy. Mohammed decides to talk to Faridah about their situation, and Tiwa prepares for Mide's return from London.
  • Two Can Play

    • Season 5
    • December 28, 2018
    • 30 min. 38 sec.
    Tiwa and Mide decide to take a test to be sure that they are having a a baby. Didi invites her new boyfriend to the office to see Tiwa, and Shalewa makes an important decision in her relationship with Mohammed.
  • Flat Line

    • Season 5
    • January 4, 2019
    • 30 min. 53 sec.
    Wedding preparations continue in the Awosika household as Mama Tiwa contracts a family photographer for the event. Tiwa and Derin square up and Shalewa has second thoughts about her decision to leave Mohammed.
  • Feelings

    • Season 5
    • January 11, 2019
    • 32 min. 32 sec.
    Tragedy strikes the Macaulay family, as Mide's father passes on. Tiwa makes an effort to provide emotional support for Mide, and Mohammed decides to take a stand in his relationship with Shalewa.
  • Bridal Shower

    • Season 5
    • January 18, 2019
    • 30 min. 48 sec.
    Mama Tiwa invites Woli to the Awosika residence for prayers to secure Tiwa and Mide's relationship, and things seem to get to a head for Jade, the events planner for the wedding. Derin reaches out to Theresa for closure.
  • Season Finale

    • Season 5
    • January 25, 2019
    • 49 min. 27 sec.
    On the season finale of Skinny Girl in Transit Season 5, Mide crashes Tiwa's bridal shower to give her an update on the DNA test. Derin has a surprise change of heart and makes an attempt to mend things with Tiwa.
  • Behind the Scenes with Cast & Crew

    • Season 5
    • February 8, 2019
    • 22 min. 42 sec.
    The cast and crew of Skinny Girl in Transit share their most memorable experiences on the set of your favorite show.
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